My family is a bit more complicated than Dan's. I have a younger sister, Stacy, who actually graduated high school with Dan's brother Chris. My dad also had my half-sister Linda and my half-brother Tom from a previous marriage. My parents divorced when I was in middle school, and my mom eventually remarried. She had my sister Alanna when I was a senior in high school and Stacy was a freshman. You can see a picture of the three of us here that we gave out for Christmas in 2003.


I went to Mohegan Elementary School in Uncasville, Tyl Middle School in Oakdale, and Montville High School also in Oakdale.

I traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend North Central University and graduated in 2000 Cum Laude with a BA in Children's Ministry. I returned to Connecticut, decided not to enter the ministry, and began working. I have taken various courses over the last few years, including Adult Ed classes about cooking and crafts, the Small Business course from Education Direct, and the course from The Institute of Children's Literature. I am also currently a student at Tunxis Community College so that I can make up some general education classes before trying for my maters degree (possibly in education).

The Job

Unlike Dan, I've had many various jobs over the years. Other than various babysitting and cleaning jobs, my first job was at Pizza Hut first as a cook and then eventually as a delivery driver. I left Pizza Hut when I left for Minnesota, and my first job there was at Caffe Amore, a small espresso bar chain located in hospitals in Minneapolis. I hate coffee, but the tips paid for my bus fare and laundry, and for the record, I didn't work at the one the link is for; I can't remember the name of that hospital. It was across the road from HCMC I belive on Chicago Ave.

During my second semester at NCU, I started working for American Security primarily at their Mall of America account carding teenagers on Friday and Saturday nights enforcing the Parental Escort Policy. I stayed with ASC through the remainder of my college career because the money was good. I worked various other accounts, and also got the opportunity to lots of overtime.

While in Minneapolis, I also worked at the church I was attending as the Preschool Coordinator and also custodian for a short time. My last year in the area I also worked for the Minneapolis Marriott as a front desk associate. I really enjoyed working in the hotel industry and met a lot of interesting people including professional basketball players who would stay at the Marriott while playing the Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center across the street.

Then I came home and started immediately working for my church as a secretary and also had a part time administrative position for a few months at Consumers Interstate Corporation. I left the church when I got a position at the Children's Discovery Center as a teacher for the 2 year olds class. I had fun, but working in a day care is definitely not worth it. Dan and I were sick all winter, and the schedule was never steady; you would either be working 10 hours every day or be sent home after 4 every day depending on how many kids were in school that particular week. I had my last straw and quit the week of our wedding.


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