Celebrating Christmas


Back on the 21st, Sherree's family came over for lunch and to exchange gifts.

On the 23rd Sherree visited her grandparents, where she gave her grandmother the quilt she made.

Pinball woke Sherree and I up at 5:30am on Christmas morning, and we got up shortly after that. We both got lots of good stuff!

Later that day we went to my parent's house to celebrate with my parents, brother Chris and Grammy. We exchanged gifts (my parents loved the photo of my brothers and I) and had a turkey dinner (our friend Steve [looking at photos with Grammy] joined us for that, too).

And lastly, today my parents, Chris, Grammy, Aunt Linda, Uncle Barry, Barry's Mom, and cousins Brandon and Aubrey came to our place for a visit and lunch.

So now it's all over (whew!). Sherree's begun collecting some of the decorations and we'll soon be done with it all for another year. ...now I just have to edit together the Christmas 2003 movie!

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