You can learn a lot about us by reading this web site. Here is a bit more detail, though, as well as other background info on us. Send us an e-mail, if you want. Of course, leaving a comment is a good way to talk to us, too.

Sherree and Dan met in 1993 at Montville High School while working on the school newspaper (The Chieftain), when Dan was a senior and Sherree was a freshman. As time went by we became closer until, on May 26, 2001, we were married.

Of course, there’s a lot that happened between 1993 and 2001. While Sherree was in college she would call Dan most Saturday nights—at about 2:00 am. Dan would grumble a “hello,” and Sherree would apologize for calling so late, tell him to go back to sleep and that she'd call during the day. Dan would tell her that he was already awake so we should just talk. And we did.


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