Digital Photo Archive Statistics


Between yesterday and today I've been doing a backup of our digital photo archive to DVD-R using Adobe Photoshop Album, as I outlined in Preserving Your Digital Memories. The following stats are only for the digital archive, which of course doesn't include the thousands of slides and negatives that haven't been scanned yet.

The backup took 10 DVD-R disc, for a total of just over 46 gigabytes or 4,293 photos!

Of those 4,293 photos:

  • 3,675 were taken by me and 577 were taken by Sherree. The remaining 41 were taken by other people--which includes scans of old photos as well as current photos taken with our cameras by someone else.
  • 3,087 were taken with my Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera. 453 were taken with Sherree's Canon A80 digital camera. The remaining 753 photos are almost entirely scans of slides.
  • We took 748 photos in May 2004--more than any other month by an almost 2:1 landslide. This is most easily attributed to our vacation (655 photos). This was the first vacation we both had digital cameras, so it was easy to see this number jump so high.
  • They are all "tagged" with 244 keywords. All the keywords fit into seven major categories: People, Places, Events, Other, Film, Animals and Nature. Most photos have several keywords attached to aid in finding a photo quickly. The most-used tag in each category:
    • In the People category the most used tag/subcategory is Boy Scout Troop 16 (862 photos).
    • Places category, the Connecticut tag/subcategory (1437 photos).
    • Events category, the Boy Scouts tag/subcategory (1344 photos).
    • Other category, the Projects tab/subcategory (310 photos), which includes just about every project/craft/hobby we have.
    • Unsurprisingly, in the Film category, the Raw Scans--16-bit/4000dpi tag is most used (247 photos).
    • Animals category, the Birds tag/subcategory (340 photos).
    • Nature category, the Waterfalls tag (288 photos).

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