Unpuzzling the Past


I've taken the Unpuzzling the Past course a few times through the Barnes and Noble online university. However, I never completed the course in the time that it ran. In fact, it's been put to the way side for quite some time now. But, last night I picked the books up and started reading a bit, and I'm looking for my notes.

One of the first things the book has you do is list as many of your 8 great-grand-parents as you can. When I was younger, I had an assignment to fill in my family tree as much as I could by interviewing family members, and I didn't get too far.

In the online course, one of the first lessons is to list the surnames of your grandparent and the places they were from in the student chat so you can possibly link up with other students researching the same names. So, I thought that I would list mine here. If any of you out there know that you are somehow related to these people and can help provide information toward my family history search, please leave a comment or e-mail!

My maternal grandparentsare Mary Lillian Willette (Maine)and Anthony Grillo (Italy). My paternal grandparents are Dorothy Wentworth Smith (Connecticut)and Francis Llyod Barrie (Connecticut)

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