Your looking at me,
like im not okay.
I have one personality,
I'm not gay.

My priest never touched me.
My father is a gentleman.
Now put away your inkblots,
and stop asking that question.

Don't offer free sessions!
Don't therapetize me!
Don't question my past!
Don't shake my family tree!

I can no longer look,
at your pictures of gore.
It's like I first told you
I've never seen her before.

You're making me nervous,
It's too hot in here.
I think I'll step out,
for a breath of fresh air.

I cant move.
Why am I bound,
with arms across my chest
and ankles held down.
Where have you taken me?
What's that sign on the wall?
I'll squint so I can read it
"Teton Mental Hospital."

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