Battlestar Galactica Review

I'm always amazed at how good Battlestar Galactica is. Every episode has some major life- or society-changing event going on, pulled off with excellent writing, emotive acting, and memorable characters. Dare I say it--it might even be better sci-fi than Star Trek: The Next Generation!

I guess what I most like about the show is the major characters. They're all so compelling, driven, and different that it's tough not to like them. But in particular, I find Dr. Baltar and his relationship to Number Six particularly intriguing. Is she a hallucination to him, or does she somehow actually talk to him? He's often given information he couldn't know, and it must come from somewhere. Her power of suggestion over him (and not just in sexual situations) is always surprising. I suppose I could go back to the Battlestar Galactica classic series and read about the plot lines, but I don't want to spoil anything!

Update: I just watched last week's episode, Home, in which Baltar's sanity and visions get questioned--maybe I should have watched that before writing the above!

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