The First Week at the New Job


On Monday I started my new job at New England Typographic. It's been a pretty good first week and wanted to share a little bit about it.

  • Starting at 7:30 am is tough--I used to not wake up until about 7:30! It takes about an hour to get there, so I've been getting up at about 5:30 to get ready.
  • I'm in a non-permanent tiny cubicle. They're expanding and people will be shuffled around, including me. After the move (in late November) I'll have a more permanent and larger cubicle. But still, it's a cube--nowhere near as nice as an office!
  • It's nice to be using a large (22") monitor again. I'm using a non-permanent computer, too; I suspect I'll get the real one after moving into the new cubicle.
  • On Monday I went through the InMath tutorial, Tuesday and Wednesday I did a bunch of searching-and-replacing of fonts and characters, and today I dove into some "real" work of typesetting equations and annotations. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's work wasn't much fun, but today's was.

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