Our Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend


We woke up Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, to three inches of snow--nearly four by the time it stopped. Continuing our tradition, we had cornish game hens for dinner. Sherree put them in a brine and seasoned them with rosemary and lemons. Just as last year Sherree made brussels sprouts with pancetta for me.

Earlier in the week, Jim flew from Wyoming to visit everyone. He went to Pennsylvania with my parents to visit some family. On Friday they came over to our apartment for a lasagna dinner, and left Jim to spend the weekend with Sherree and I. I was hoping to go hiking with Jim on Saturday but Friday night I twisted my knee on some ice and didn't want to make it worse. Instead, Jim and I went shopping for a few hours and some stores he wanted to go to. All three of us played Mario Kart quite a bit, as well as Constructionary and Rummikub. It was a nice visit!

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