A Few Christmas Photos



A little late, but here are a few photos we took during the Christmas season.

Finding a tree was rather difficult for us this year. We trudged through about eight inches of snow and wandered all through the tree farm, but didn't find one we liked. We finally just bought a pre-cut tree.


We received a box of gifts from my brother, Jim, one day. There was also a present in it for Pinball. She was most happy to have the box itself, but had a little interest in her present.

Christmas Eve morning we got up fairly early to go to my parents' house for breakfast and to exchange gifts. My brother Chris and Grammy were also there.

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4138_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4132_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4139_edited-1-thumb.jpg

Then we headed to Sherree's sister Stacy's apartment to visit. Sherree's other sister, Alanna, Mom and stepfather Dexter were also there for the afternoon.

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4140_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4144_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4146_edited-1-thumb.jpg

Sherree and I spent Christmas day at home. It was mostly a quiet, relaxing day (that I got to use to finish a project). On Monday, we went to West Point Military Academy to visit my Aunt Linda, Uncle Barry and cousins Aubrey and Brandon. Barry's Mom was also there, and my parents, Grammy, Chris and his girlfriend Debbie all came, too.

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