Dan & Sherree’s Favorite Dishes


This year, we made a few cookbooks as Christmas gifts. The recipes are ones that we've collected from all sorts of different places.

The books themselves measured about 5- by 8-inches and were covered in either a red or blue checkerboard fabric. The front cover is a 5- by 7-inch matboard that Sherree covered with thin quilt batting and the fabric to frame the title nicely. The whole book is held together with some scrapbooking screw posts. It went together pretty simply, but still took longer than I thought it would. (Nowhere near as long as the Allagash Wilderness Waterway books, though!)

http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4127_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4129_edited-1-thumb.jpg http://danandsherree.com/upload/2006/01/_MG_4130_edited-1-thumb.jpg

If you're interested in the recipes we included (58 of them), you can download them as a PDF document.

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