Back to the Future Trilogy Review

The Back to the Future movies are three of my favorite. I really like the combination of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd, and keeping Thomas F. Wilson (Biff) around for each of them is a great detail. Time travel and affecting the past and future is a wide topic that offers lots of possibilities and, between all three movies, it gets explored pretty well.

Time travel is always a sort of "controversial" topic. For example, in the beginning of the first movie, when Doc Brown is shot by the Libyians, is he wearing the bulletproof vest at that point? I simply choose to ignore all those little details. It helps keep the movies more fun.

Keeping with the "more fun" idea, I like the first (in 1955) and third (in 1885) movies best. Both are much more light-hearted than the second movie, though I think the second arguably has the best storyline.

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