Simply Quilts Review

When we first set up our ReplayTV, I checked out all of the day time TV schedules. I came across HGTV and have recorded Simply Quilts every day since. I still consider myself an extreme beginner quilter. However, I feel that this show offers enough of a variety of beginner and advanced patterns, as well as technique instruciton and short-cuts.

When I see a show with a project that I would like to try (someday), I preserve the show on my ReplayTV until I get some free time to record the portion of the show I want to keep on a VHS. I started keeping a log in a Word document that includes the web link as well as a photo of the quilt (copied from the web site). Now when I get a free minute, I can look through my list, pick a pettern, and run off to the quilt store to buy my fabric!

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