ReplayTV Withdrawl: Not So Bad

I've spent a lot of hours watching real time TV over the last few days because I've been home sick. Yes, it is partially inconvenient to watch real time. Let's face it- there's nothing really worth watching in the daytime. And yes, watching commercials is a drag for the most part. However, because the ReplayTV has died, I've gotten to watch shows that I haven't seen before. For example, last night I think that the ReplayTV would have taped reruns of Friends that we have probably seen hundreds of times. While home sick and Dan was at scouts, I watched Deal or No Deal as well as American Idol. Though the commercials don't line up exactly, I am able to flip back and forth and see a good portion of the show I want to see the most of and enough portions of the other to get the idea of what is going on. I'm continuing that tonight switching between Survivor and Deal or No Deal, and probably driving Dan crazy at the same time. Unfortunately I will miss ER, one of my favorite shows because I will definitely be hitting the sack early.

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