KnoppMyth Installation

After getting the hardware assembled for our MythTV box, I dropped a KnoppMyth disc in the DVD writer to get the software installation started.

On my previous attempt, I used Fedora Core 2 and Jarod Wilson's guide. It worked, but was a lot of steps for a Linux newbie. KnoppMyth made the whole process go much faster and easier. Within about an hour Linux, MythTV, and all the dependencies were installed, and (almost) all of the hardware was working. I dove into the configuration of MythTV and was shortly able to start watching live TV.

Almost all of the hardware works: the second PVR-150 was detected correctly, but doesn't seem to be doing much. LIRC doesn't seem to recognize the remote. There's no sound whatsoever. Lastly, the network connection doesn't seem to work. Everything else worked right away, with no rebooting--not bad for just 1 hour!

A reboot let the network connection start working, which allowed me to run mythfilldatabase to get channel guide data and set up a cron job to keep the computer clock up-to-date. The second PVR-150 started working, too.

I guess the top priority at this point is getting the sound working. It's not much good without sound! We'll have a useful Myth box at that point (since the system can be controlled with the keyboard). It looks like I'll need to do some hacking around to get the DVI connection to work with our new TV, too. Lastly, there's LIRC (which looks to be the easiest to fix, thanks to some instructions). Of course, there's lots of other things to add and change, but that's all less-important.

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