Style Contest Update


On Monday night was The Style Contest's entry deadline. On June 23 they'll announce the winners. There are a total of 146 submissions, but I think I might have a shot with my three entries.

  • Trail Mix is in the Sports & Recreation category with 13 other entries. Trail Mix is unique to the contest in that it was the first to use image replacement for the banner and provide several ways of replacing it--including the Duct Tape Title Generator.
  • Scrapbook is in the Hobbies & Crafts category with 16 other entries. Scrapbook really isn't too unique amongst the other entries, but was easy to put together.
  • Bulletin Board is in the Home & Family category with 16 other entries. Bulletin Board is quite unique in the contest: the Main Index and Individual Entry pages each display completely differently. The Main Index throws away the idea of columns in favor of "note paper." The Comments and Trackbacks are displayed uniquely in floated elements, presenting a dynamic, not-quite-linear layout. Plus, it looks really slick with all the bold colors. Certainly my favorite entry.

Category winners get $1,000; the grand prize winner gets $4,000. I'd prefer the grand prize.

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