Year Three


It passed without much fanfare, but July 17 was the three-year anniversary of

Our publishing schedule varies quite a bit. I usually aim to have two new entries each week and often fail at that (particularly obvious by the past month).

  • At the start of it all, in July 2003, we published seven entries. Since that was in the last two weeks of July, equaling about three posts/week, that was pretty good.
  • The lowest point was certainly December 2005, when we only published three entries. That's less than one each week!
  • The high point was September 2005. I had absolutely nothing to do at work and was being laid off at the end of September. I spent my days job hunting and writing 25 entries.

I suppose publishing six entries this past month isn't too bad, but not too good either. I'm always amazed at the people who can find the time to write something new every day, but I'm sure I'll never be able to achieve that.

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