Off to the Six Apart NYC Event

Tomorrow morning Sherree and I will be heading to New York City. I'm going to the Six Apart (makers of Movable Type) NYC Event: tomorrow is a day-long Hackathon and Wednesday is the Executive Summit. Sherree'll be adventuring through the city.

The Hackathon is an opportunity for all of us fanboys to work on whatever feature of MT we want to create/remodel/expand. Sure, I do that all the time, but this is an opportunity to do it with some other people who are as excited about Movable Type as I am! During the last Hackathon I participated remotely (read: "while sitting on the couch") and built the Publishing Buttons plugin. I'm not entirely sure what I'll do this time. Really, I'm most looking forward to just meeting some of the other attendees face-to-face--many of them I exchange e-mails with on an almost daily basis through ProNet, and it'll be great to actually meet. Also, I'm bringing a case of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies to share!

The Executive Summit day will be a little more structured, with some presentations by ProNet members and some use-case presentations, followed up by a sneak-peek at Project Athena! (Project Athena is the codename of Movable Type 4.0. I'm excited about what all might be in there, and to see what contributions all my feedback might have yielded.)

It should be fun. I'm going to bring my camera and document everything, so of course I'll share a follow-up, too.

Sidebar: this NYC Event is what's really pushed me to get a business started. I'm fairly well-known in the MT community and was excited to receive some special invitations to go and participate. That means I'm developing name recognition, but also that the quality of my work is pretty substantial. Since I enjoy this stuff, it seems to me that capitalizing on it could be to my benefit!

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