Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Review

We went in to Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End with high hopes of being entertained. We thought both Curse of the Black Pearl and Dead Man's Chest were a lot of fun, and wanted to see how the trilogy would end.

  • It was great to see everything that Captain Jack was going through both in the land of the dead and back in reality. Johnny Depp is an awesome actor.
  • Will and Elizabeth getting married in the middle of the big battle sequence was hilarious! That's just the kind of action I hoped to see.
  • I'm not sure if each character was constantly backstabbing the others, or if the whole movie was showing off a big, elaborate plan. It's just not clear.
  • Chow Yun-Fat is in far too little of the movie. Keith Richards is completely unimportant.
  • I thought something big was going to happen when Calypso was freed... but it just never came. Disappointing.

In the end, we were left rather unexcited by At World's End. I'm just left saying "that's it?" expecting better and more. At roughly three hours long, you'd think they could have fit it in.

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