Pinball’s Lost


Dan and I woke up this morning to notice that Pinball was nowhere to be found. After some investigating, it looks like she busted out the office window screen. It was the same hole she made back we went on vacation in 2004 (see the Saturday, May 29th entry).

I walked all over looking and calling for her this morning. I decided to take the day off of work in order to be available should she find her way home. I walked all over our apartment complex, down the train tracks, and back up Riverside Ave. thinking that she would be in the woods. There was no sign of her.

Please send good thoughts her way. I am hoping that she makes it home safe and soon. I'm trying to shoo off other stray cats that are around hoping that Pinball will come home before the landscapers get her to mow. A lot of big trucks and buses have been by, as well as a train, so I'm sure that is scary for her. Hopefully she will be brave enough to make it back because I'm here waiting for her.

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