Visiting the 2007 Terryville Fair


We visited the Terryville Fair last year and noticed that they have a lawnmower racing event. We thought that it could be a pretty cool thing to see, so we have been waiting for this year's fair to come around. We did get to watch some lawnmower races, but we saw a lot of other things too!

Lawnmower%20Racing%201-13.jpg Lawnmower%20Racing%201-20.jpg Lawnmower%20Racing%201-23.jpg Lawnmower%20Racing%201-26.jpg

The lawnmower racing actually came at the end of the day, and was still occurring when we left after dark. We had watched some warm-up laps and a few races, but lost interest since they had started late and weren't very close races. The excitement wore off, but it possibly sparked an interest in buying an old tractor and converting it into a racing machine. Here Dan and his friends from work, Andrea and Krista, look on and talk about possible future racing endeavors. Maybe they will look into the CT chapter of Lawnmower Racing.

Dan and I had arrived at the fair before lunch time. Our first stop was at Nodine's for an andouille sausage sandwich that Dan has been talking about for the last few weeks. We wandered about a bit and then we decided to check out the freestyle motorcross show. It was pretty cool, but we were both surprised that it was only about 20 minutes long. Still, it was impressive!

Bike%201-5.jpg Bike%201-6.jpg Bike%201-7.jpg Bike%201-9.jpg Bike%201-10.jpg

After the show, we wandered some more. Eventually we decided to watch the end of the All in Band show after I got a chicken wrap from a nearby vendor (J&D). We liked the music of the band, but we agreed that some of the harmonies, in particular by the keyboard player, were just not good.

We explored some more and headed for the Indian River Olde Time Lumberjack Show. We were disappointed because last year's show was much bigger and appeared to be some type of competition between 6 or 8 lumberjacks. This show was very scripted with a lot of cheesy humor. They did demonstrate axe throwing, sawing, and log rolling. They even ended up with a volunteer from the audience to try the log rolling- I don't blame her for trying because the temperature was in the mid-90s and it was very humid. I thought about jumping in that pool!

Lumberjack%201-10.jpg Lumberjack%201-15.jpg

After getting more food, we met up with Dan's friends from work, Andrea and Krista. Before the lawn mower racing, we decided to check out the Hot Dog Pig Races. There were five races in all, some with pigs and some with dogs. Some were just around the track and others invloved obstacles like hurdles. We were in the orange section, and I don't think that our pig or dog won any races. Either way, once it got going, it was fun to watch.

Hot%20Dog%20Racing-19.jpg Hot%20Dog%20Racing-23.jpg Hot%20Dog%20Racing-24.jpg

Overall, we had a great time at the fair. The weather didn't affect us as much as we thought it would, we stuffed ourselves with fair food, and saw some good things. It was a great way to wrap up the summer. Now back to school and work....

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