I want to Podcast


I've always liked the idea of podcasts. They can be a better way to communicate than reading text on-screen. Specifically, consider what I've written for Scouting Stories--how great would it be to actually hear the intonation and pause that actual story-telling offers up? Clear advantages. (A podcast, if you don't know, is little more than an mp3 or audio file you can download.)

"What will these podcasts I want to do be about?" you ask. Well, first off, the answer to that question is the reason I haven't done any before--I didn't quite know what they should be about, and I wasn't confident I had much to share on a regular basis. A few weeks ago Sherree and I talked about this a little and an idea that came up was to create a sort-of genealogy project, where we could interview family. Creating "slice of life" and "how it used to be" recordings could be interesting to have, to hear in the future, as well as things like stories of different events, exploits, and adventures. And (now here's the podcasting part), some of those recordings are bound to make entertaining listening!

Last week I was able to sit on a Board of Review for an Eagle Scout to-be, and I think I asked a few good questions. I think one of my questions stood out, though: "imagine ten years into the future. You're with some coworkers or friends and something happens to jog your memory about Scouts. What's that story?" Oh yes, that elicited a great response. I hope that can become a podcast! I bet other Scouts have some tales to share, too, and they might be a little more willing to be recorded than sit and write something for Scouting Stories.

What do you think some other good topics would be for us?

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