Creatively Giving Gift Cards

I know that it's been awhile since my other posts about crafts for Christmas, but this one is the best of all of them! In recent years we have given various gift cards for different services. However, we HATE just putting a gift card in an envelope and giving it. One year I made little boxes that had stand-up stickers and cut-outs to create a little scene.


This past year I wanted to give my dad a gift card to eat in one of the restaurants at Disney World because it is something that he never does for himself when he is there. So, I decided to make a little book with a story to hold the gift certificate.

Dad%27s%20Gift%202-1.jpg Dad%27s%20Book%203-1.jpg Dad%27s%20Book%204-1.jpg

To make the pages of the book, I cut out squares of cardboard and secured them together with strands of ribbon to make a binding. I then covered each side with scrapbooking paper, printed out my text, and embellished with appropriate stickers. My dad loved it! He said that he thought that it might be a CD or DVD and was quite surprised when he opened it!

I just think that it's great to personalize a gift like a certificate in this way. Aside from the stickers (which I probably picked up at a 40% sale), it was very inexpensive to make. I think that it may have only taken a few hours to make outside of letting glue dry. Try one this year for your loved one!

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