Miracle Review

I don't particularly like watching sports, but I do like a lot of sports movies. I think that's because the movie isn't really about the sport, but the people and relationships behind them. Miracle is no different. I don't know how factual this story of the 1980 US Olympic hockey team actually is (it's "based" on a true story), but I was entertained.

I don't want to say something like "Kurt Russel can do no wrong!" but I always like his acting, whether in Follow Me, Boys! or Escape from New York. I felt like his accent was a bit weird in this movie (Sherree says he doesn't sound like a Minnesotan), but he didn't disappoint otherwise. I particularly like the scene where he's running the team to complete exhaustion and keeps yelling at them. "Again!"

The coach is certainly the main character here, but I was left a little disappointed with the rest of the cast. They're actors I recognize, but aren't memorable and don't really seem that important to the movie. They're needed to tell the story, but their parts could be played by anybody and seemed surprisingly unimportant given that the basis of the whole movie is the hockey team.

Lastly: of course the US wins against Russia.

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