Software on my MacBook Pro


Since joining the Apple crowd with a MacBook Pro I've had to find some applications to fill the role of what I used with Windows XP. I've found a few tools that I like so far.

I'm not terribly active on any of the different chat services, but see Adium recommended just about everywhere. For good reason, too: it supports Jabber/Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo, and MSN, amongst others--and it works quite well, too.

The only IRC channels I ever visit are #movabletype and #movabletype-talk (on, and I use Colloquy. Again, this is a well-received app by just about everyone, and I find it works well and is quite customizable. Unfortunately a combination of my general unfamiliarity and experience with IRC and the light documentation means I don't know how to use it very effectively. I was thrilled when somebody in #movabletype showed me how to auto-join the room on startup.

Growl is pretty nifty: it provides notifications of events. Different applications (like Colloquy and Adium, for example) can make a popup or voice message or e-mail about an event from that application. It's a great idea, particularly when multitasking. In practice, however, I find it only marginally useful: it's great to remind me when a large download has finished.

For FTP I'm using Cyberduck, and I'm really not happy with it. There are two things that drive me crazy about it: uploads are often not completed or outright fail (requiring me to try them again... and again, and again) and file sizes are incorrectly reported (leading Cyberduck to claim an upload failed, even though it has actually completed successfully). I FTP into a number of different servers and have experienced this with a lot of them, so I'm led to believe that the problem is Cyberduck. On the PC I used Filezilla, but the Mac version of that feels very much like a Windows application.

There are some other apps I'm using, and I'll write about them a bit later on. In the meantime, any other recommendations?

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