Beauty and the Geek Review

Beauty and the Geek is a rare TV show for me: it's a reality show where I'm less interested in the games and more interested in the relationships. What makes the show and the characters interesting to me is firstly how poorly they all function in certain ways and secondly how the beauty/geek team comes together to make up for the other's deficiencies.

With that in mind, I'm disappointed in this season. The "beauty vs. geek" thing means that the beauty/geek 2-person teams that I like to see don't exist--though that will change starting with next week's episode.

What I dislike even more, though, is that the geeks seem to be poor choices this season: I feel like we haven't seen most of them be... well, geeks. To some extent they all seem socially unrefined, but definitely not to the same level as previous seasons. Aside from wearing sweatervests, what makes Tom a geek? How does being muscular make Jason a geek? Greg is also a different breed: an artist, not a geek. What are their IQs? Have they ever kissed a girl? Nervous in crowds?

Previous seasons have been very entertaining, so I'm hoping this one will get better.

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