I Gave My Notice of Resignation


Yesterday I gave two-weeks notice of my resignation at NETS. The last few days have left me really nervous, with butterflies in my stomach. Yesterday morning after telling my supervisor, those butterflies disappeared!

About a half-second later, new butterflies appeared as I thought about devoting myself to uiNNOVATIONS and taking our business to the next level. So, this is it, I'm committed: soon I'll be able to work outside on a nice fall day, and be challenged to push Movable Type beyond what it can do. I'll also have to do less fun things like pay taxes and participate in conference calls, but I think it will all balance out.

We've been doing things like organizing the office and working on the business plan to prepare for this. While I am still a little insecure about making the jump, I feel about as ready as I possibly can.

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