And it Begins!

Last week I gave a two-week notice of my resignation at my day job, but on Wednesday—when I did almost nothing—I decided to bump my leave up, and yesterday was my last day.

Today, I start my new job. I’m working full-time for a little company called uiNNOVATIONS. They apparently do web development work, specifically with Movable Type. And believe it or not, I have some experience with that stuff.

I haven’t quite figured out some details. For example, what will my hours be? 7:30-4:00? 8:30-5:00? Well, something like that, anyway. Will I have a daily schedule to follow, where a specific amount of time is designated to a certain task each day? That might be helpful in keeping me regimented and on task, but I also need the flexibility to take on a job that would require more today than tomorrow, for example.

So, wait, am I goofing off “on the clock” by writing a blog post at 9:45 am? No! This—believe it or not—is part of my new job! Yes, you should expect to see more new content on (and Eat Drink Sleep Movable Type, if you read it). Some of my tasks fall squarely into the “fun” category, while others are “work.” I think having this sort of balance will be essential to keeping me interested and entertained about this job.

My office is my home office. It’s a pretty nice environment, though still needs some work. Beyond that, I will also go work outside sometimes. The library is just down the street, so I expect I will walk down there with the laptop sometimes, too. A huge element missing from this environment is human interaction, though. When you go to an office where other people work you always get some interaction with them, whether it’s just the occasional head-nod in the hallway or a lengthy meeting with everyone around the table. I’ve got both IRC and Twitter running where I can interact with a number of people, but it’s not the same.

And so, I think my biggest fear is not having that social interaction. I think I’m going to have a much greater need to get out of the house on evenings and weekends, want to make more plans with friends and… well, have a life.

But—now that I only have one full-time job—that should be easy, right!? Well, easier, at least. Having more time for fun has been an important goal of this transition. My job shouldn’t determine my life and lifestyle; my life and lifestyle should have room for a job I can enjoy. Or something like that.

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