2008 Site Statistics


I’ve just noticed that I didn’t post a year-end summary of danandsherree.com stats for 2007 or 2006, so wanted to be sure 2008 was covered. And so, a quick summary:

  • 195 new entries.
  • 134 comments were published in 2008, compared to 223 in 2007. That reminds me (yet again) of just how far our traffic tanked in the second half of 2007 and the first of 2008, and how much the last few months has simply been about rebuilding that traffic.
  • We peaked in December with 22,044 total page views for the month, from 13,146 unique visitors. That’s an average of more than 400 unique visitors each day, typically looking at one or two pages on the site. This is another reminder: 1-1/2 years ago those numbers were double this!
  • Our visitors use about 13 GB of bandwidth each month, or a little over 400 MB every day.

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