American Idol 8 - Round 3

I’m 5 for 6 right now…. what will tonight bring? As in past weeks, I’m commenting as I watch the show (delayed). Once again, I will preface with the fact that I might be a little too critical. I’ve editted myself a few times. I do feel tired and a bit cranky, so some things might have slipped through.

My picks to go through- Lil Rounds, Scott MacIntyre, and Kendall Beard (purely due to a country fan basis).

I won’t be watching the wildcard show on Thursday (conflict with Survivor and Earl), but I hope that Ju’not Joyner and Kristen McNamara come back because they have the knack for changing up the songs.

Von Smith - Song choice wasn’t bad but I had never heard of it before. The lower parts didn’t sound just right to me, but the judges loved it!

Taylor Vaifanua - The vibrating in her voice was wicked annoying - quite the turn off for me.

Alex Wagner-Trugman - I like the song, but I wasn’t impressed with his interpretation. Some of the runs and crazy jumps to notes sounded weird.

Arianna Afsar - She needs to be young and fresh… why pick that song? The second half was much better than the first half.

Ju’not Joyner - I HATE that song but I really liked his interpretation of it. I wouldn’t turn off the radio if his version was played (as opposed to the annoying original).

Kristen McNamara - I LOVE this song. It’s one that I have on my iPod and I play all the time. I liked how she sped it up and make it very blusey. Very sassy. I liked it!

Nathaniel Marshall - He is so annoying… I didn’t even want to watch his performance after being reminded of all the other reels of him. The hair accessories are a big turn off. I waiting for him to sport leg warmers and bust into Flashdance or something.

Felicia Barton - Having a second chance like she had should have brought her back with a fire. Her voice seemed strained at parts, but she’s been practicing a lot. The beginning for me seemed solid, but she lost me in the middle and towards the end.

Scott MacIntyre - I like the tone of his voice. It was a song that I haven’t heard before, but I liked it. I think that it is a style that Scott is very comfortable with.

Kendall Beard - Country is definitely her go-to. It was not interpreted in anyway. I would go for someone who tried to change it up over someone who nailed the vocal so it sounded like the radio.

Jorge Nunez - This is the first time that I got to listen to him sing. I think that he’s strong with some potential.

Lil Rounds - She was one of my favorites through the audition process. The producers knew that she would be strong, which is why she ended the show.

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