Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy


Earlier this summer I finished reading Belly Laughs: The Naked Truth About Pregnancy and Childbirth by Jenny McCarthy. If you are not offended by candid descriptions and occasional swearing, it is a definite must read for pregnant women and soon-to-be pregnant women. Dads- it wouldn’t hurt you to read either. You will become much more sympathetic for your women and truely know how awful she is feeling and not sharing the full story with you.

The book is set up in a series of essays primarily focusing on the dreaded symptoms of pregnancy, such as frequent urination, breast swelling, etc. but Jenny tells everything with a funny story. Besides, it’s going to happen to you- if you can’t laugh about it, you’re not going to make it through 40 weeks! It’s comforting to know that all women go through the joys and disasters of pregnancy, and someone like Jenny is brave enough to share.

Honestly, in the beginning reading all of this stuff scared me stiff, but then once symptoms arose, I also felt more comfortable with it all. Granted, Jenny had a much more rough time than I’m having, but after reading the book, I know how hard it can be and I feel for women that do have it that badly!

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