Christmas Day


On Friday my family joined Sherree and I for some food, fun, and gifts. We had a good time with everyone!


Sherree made quite a spread for lunch, and some treats. We brined a turkey, had lime-butter salmon, garlic mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, ciabatta rolls, and some other yummies for lunch. But we also had gingerbread cake and orange chocolate chip shortbread cookies, which are so good!

We had a Wii Sports Resort incident. Basically, everybody wanted it and everybody got it… at least once. I bought it for Sherree and I, and my parents. My Dad bought it for my Mom, but I told him to return it because we got it for them. My Mom told Chris she wanted it, but I stopped him before he got to the store because we already had it for them. And my Mom bought it for Sherree and I, but didn’t know we already had it. Phew!

christmas-2.jpg christmas-3.jpg christmas-4.jpg christmas-5.jpg

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