2009: Our Year in Review


2009 flew by very quickly for us. The year started with us being able to enjoy the career choices we made: Sherree teaching and me doing web development. Just a few months into the year we found out Sherree was pregnant and that our family was growing!

January started off a little sad: Sherree’s classroom pet Waffles the Hamster died. I wrote down two New Year’s resolutions and kept to one of them: getting in shape for the Allagash. I canoed a lot in 2009!

Not much happened in February. Or March.

In April, uiNNOVATIONS turned two. My brother Chris got married this month, and we visited Mystic Seaport with my parents. And though we didn’t tell anyone until May, we found out Sherree was pregnant this month.

The weather was warming up in May, so I started planning canoeing outings with Scouts so that we’d be prepared for the Allagash Wilderness Waterway later in the summer. I also detailed some of the research I was doing to find the right kayak for me. We saw a few movies this year — the first was X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Sherree and I celebrated eight years of marriage!

We saw the movie Angels & Demons in June. I went canoeing with a bunch of Scouts (we swamped the canoe), and that won us the dubious honor of Most Memorable Moment for the year. Also in June, I worked with several other Movable Type enthusiasts to announce Melody, a fork of Movable Type.

July started kind of rough: Goober passed away. Most people knew that we were expecting a family addition by now, and Sherree kicked it off on this site with a poll. I was able to paddle the Allagash Wilderness Waterway again, this time with Troop 29.

By August I had been paddling on the water a lot in 2009 in both canoes and kayaks, and I detailed some of my recreational kayak experiences. We visited the doctor and had the first ultrasound where we saw that the kid was being very active!

In September we took a short trip up to Kittery, Maine, and made a detour to the Southwick Zoo on our way home. This month I celebrated the one year anniversary of working for myself and only myself. In September we also got to help Jeff complete his Eagle project.

We moved in October. With a growing family, we needed some bigger space! In fact, we were in full-swing with this baby stuff this month: an ultrasound, baby showers, and we were narrowing down name choices (boy name possibilities were shared this month).

November continued with girl name possibilities (because we chose not to find out what we were having) and another baby shower. Since moving in October I had to leave Troop 29, but we went back for a visit this month, and they roasted me.

And we’re finally into December: we celebrated Christmas, and had our first-ever Holiday Ho-down. Patrick Ryan Wolfgang was born! Also slightly noteworthy: I bought a kayak!

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