Moodus Reservoir in Moodus, CT


Late in the spring I went kayaking with my parents at Moodus Reservoir. It’s a big location and we only explored part of it. I hoped to get back this season to to explore more of it, but that didn’t happen. (Next year!)

We explored part of the southern half of the reservoir. The boat launch is surrounded by houses, however it didn’t take long to get away from them to quieter and more wooded surroundings. We saw a pair of swans along with a swan nest, and I spotted a red-tailed hawk in a cove. There’s plenty to explore at this reservoir, and it’s worth going back to try to see more of it.

upper-moosup-dam-5.jpg upper-moosup-dam-4.jpg upper-moosup-dam-3.jpg upper-moosup-dam-2.jpg upper-moosup-dam-1.jpg

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