2010: Our Year in Review


2010 is already gone. Wow. Patrick was born at the very end of 2009, so 2010 was all about firsts for the three of us. Yes, we’ve become those people who have nothing to talk about but our son.

We started January just by coming home. Patrick was born on December 29, he and Sherree spent a few days in the hospital, then came home on January 1. Perhaps a testament to how busy Patrick kept us, three weeks passed before I posted photos of him.

Sherree headed back to teaching in February, and Patrick and I started spending our days together. Patrick started smiling this month, and I captured it.

In March, Sherree entered a chili cook-off — and won! She detailed the experience and even included the recipe for everyone to enjoy.

April brought some warmer weather, and I was finally able to get out in the kayak I bought last December! I paddled through Lower Bolton Lake, Middle Bolton Lake, Upper Bolton Lake, and Bolton Notch Pond this month.

Though I didn’t post much in May, it was a busy and tough month: Sherree was in the hospital for a few days and I fought some tight work deadlines. During May and June I did pull out my R/C cars for the first time in several years. Patrick, Andrea and I went to the circus! I’m not sure if I kayaked at Moosup Reservoir in April or May — I didn’t write about it until October. Sherree and I have been married for nine years!

During the first week of July (the 7th, specifically), my brother Jim and his wife Lisa had twin girls: Sophia and Isabella. During the last week of July we took a vacation in the Berkshires in Massachusetts. I kayaked up there, and have shared a handful of photos from the trip.

August was pretty quiet, I guess.

My posting frequency went way up in September. I’ve wanted to share more photos for a long time, so finally started that. It was also a good way for me to do some actual use testing with Melody, which saw a lot of development over the summer. A few favorite photos: reaching out, snow geese, first aid. Jim, Lisa, Sophia, and Isabella came to Connecticut for a week to visit with everyone. Chris took photos of the family (all of us, Jim, Lisa, Sophia and Isabella), and I got a few, too (notably: Jim and Patrick).

October featured Patrick’s first blog post, paddling on Holbrook Pond, and photos. Favorite photos: inside the round barn, changing maple leaves, and spinning star trails. Patrick also became a proficient crawler this month.

November brings Thanksgiving and Patrick’s first hand turkey! Patrick and Sherree also went to see Mickey Mouse live, though he didn’t particularly enjoy it. Again, I posted many photos. Some favorites: half-circle star trails, red squirrel, and a tufted titmouse. And a video: Patrick standing!

And finally, the end of the year: December. We checked out the Festival of Trees. For our Christmas card, I took a photo of Patrick with Santa (actually, this was taken back in October). Patrick had his first haircut, birthday party, and Christmas! We also took a trip to the Springfield Museums, though I haven’t posted photos from that yet. Some favorite photos: playing with mom, watching the model trains, and a video that makes me laugh out loud: Patrick’s bus line.

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