This Year’s Harvest


This Year’s Harvest

We recently picked all of the good apples and pears off of the trees in our yard. There were a few large apples and pears, though most of them are small like this — just about three inches tall. We picked about a dozen of each.

I think we should have picked the apples a week ago, when I first realized that it looked like there were still many good ones on the trees. Most of the apples were in poor shape and not worth picking, however. The harvest was much better than last year’s, though, when we had about three good apples for the whole fall!

I took this photo by placing two Nikon SB-900 flashes on either side of the fruit, with the diffuser dome on them. I also used a black card behind each flash to prevent the light from spilling behind the fruit. (Upon closer inspection I notice that the left flash is just a tiny bit too far back, letting some light spill behind the apple.) I used the built-in flash to even-out the lighting and brighten the front of the fruit.

See the original on Flickr.

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