Crazy Horse Jerky


I recently tried the “sampler” from Crazy Horse Jerky and enjoyed it quite a bit. The cajun, sweet, and steakhouse flavors are all good, but I think my favorite was “original” — which was primarily a smoky flavor.

When opening the package I was immediately struck by the smoky smell of the jerky. The cajun, sweet, and steakhouse flavors all had other yummy smells, too, but the smoke is what jumps right out. If you like smoky jerky, this is a winner, and in particular the “original” flavor. The way the meat is cut is unique for jerky: it’s sliced into very equal pieces, and there’s no curled ends or tiny bits falling off from the rest of the slice. Each slice is substantial and holds together well. The meat is perfectly cut on the bias so that it just falls apart in your mouth. I’ve never seen such precision taken to cut a piece of meat for jerky such as this.

Crazy Horse Jerky prepares the jerky in small batches and ships it fresh. I can definitely confirm this: it tasted like just-made jerky, which is quite the surprise compared to anything else I’ve had. I’m not sure this is a good thing, however: a few days later the flavors had mellowed and mingled a bit and made something that tasted much better, in my opinion. In particular, when I first tasted the steakhouse variety it struck me that it tasted like meat coated in steak sauce. But a few days later it struck me as a great combination of smoke, tanginess, and beef.

I think Crazy Horse Jerky is a unique jerky that should be kept a few days before opening, but it’s definitely worth trying.

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