Fast & Fun R/C Raceway


I’ve spent nearly every Friday night for the past year at a place called Fast & Fun R/C Raceway, just north of us in Vernon. It’s a track and hobby shop for radio controlled cars and trucks. Friday nights were “run what ya brung” nights, which meant you were welcome to race anything, though most of us ran short course trucks. Unfortunately, Friday night was the last night it was open.

The first few weeks there I ran my Tamiya Lunchbox and Bullhead, but running those in a semi-competitive environment shows off that they aren’t designed to be raced on a carpet track, and that their design and technology are clearly dated. I bought a Traxxas Slash, and became known as Dan “the human highlight reel” Wolfgang. My crashes were the stuff of legends! I got better though, and regularly took first place in the “Sportsman” class B Main, and sometimes even eeked my way into the A Main.

Being the last night of racing, I had to take a bunch of photos.

fast-fun-1.jpg fast-fun-21.jpg fast-fun-28.jpg fast-fun-80.jpg fast-fun-82.jpg fast-fun-89.jpg fast-fun-96.jpg fast-fun-111.jpg fast-fun-54.jpg fast-fun-60.jpg

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