2013 Blizzard


Over the weekend we were hit by a blizzard. The snow was light and fluffy and some heavy wind caused some big drifts. I think we got about 30”, though with some five-foot drifts, it’s a little hard to get a precise measurement. While shoveling, I worked at calculating how much snow we had to move to get the cars out: about 2000 cubic feet. Sherree was throwing snow onto piles bigger than her. We had to walk some of the snow from the driveway over to the front of the house — with so much snow, it can’t just be scraped or tossed to the side.

Since the weekend we’ve had rain and some warmer days which has helped to melt and compact a lot of the snow. However, the same problem remains: the state and towns aren’t equipped to move so much snow from a single storm. Schools have been closed for a few days (some will be closed all week), and roads are still being opened up. It’s crazy!

snow-14.jpg snow-17.jpg snow-18.jpg

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