Painting the ‘73 Bronco


I needed to paint a body for the racing Clod I was building. When I mentioned that to Sherree, she immediately spoke up with an idea that stuck with me for several months: Patrick should paint it. I liked the idea but was concerned with what the final result might look like — would it look like a bad paint job, or would it look like a 3-year-old helped to paint it? Obviously, I wanted the latter. Choosing the ‘73 Bronco was easy because Pro-Line had a sale and that body was roughly the correct wheelbase.

I decided that this could more successfully look like Patrick helped paint it if I could be sure that the body also seemed well-finished. I painted accents and wanted Patrick to paint only some of the body — then I could back it all with something solid to tie it all together. I asked Patrick what color he wanted to paint and he told me purple, so I chose fluorescent green as a compliment to it.

I think it turned out fantastic — it looks like Patrick helped, but it also looks well-finished.

painting-2.jpg painting-8.jpg

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