Recipe #34- Arrabiata Sauce

I’ve been DVR’ing episodes of The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. I feel like she is a lot like me in that she’s a busy lady, has mouths to feed, and likes yummy food. There have been a number of episodes that have piqued my interest and I watched. One, in particular, was the Freezer Fundamentals episode. However, we didn’t have much luck with the recipes.

The Arrabiata Sauce was easy to make, but holy moly was it spicy! I like spicy food, but this was almost unbearable. I added a lot of Parmesan to try and help, but it was still too spicy even for me.

And there is NO way that this recipe makes 24 servings. We had enough for me and Dan to have dinner, I had lunch the next day, and there is a small Tupperware container of it in the freezer. Maybe the ingredient list is wrong? I can’t find 15 ounce cans of crushed tomatoes, so I just used one 28 ounce can and some extra tomato sauce that was in the fridge.

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