Recipes #36-38: Meatballs 3 Ways

I thought that the meatballs on The Pioneer Woman’s Freezer Fundamental show would be the most promising. Make a large batch of meatballs and freeze in several bags to use with different sauces. Cook once and have at least 3 dinners.

The first recipe we tried was for the Swedish Meatballs. We found the meatballs to be underwhelming and bland. Then the sauce, even though it had the cornstarch, was very thin. I did like the mustard in the sauce.

The second recipe we tried was for the Barbecue Meatballs. The sauce was really just bottled barbecue sauce. The added ingredients didn’t come through. :(

Lastly, I tried the Sweet and Sour Meatballs. I didn’t add in the pineapple chunks because I’m not a fan. The sauce was ok, but now that I review the recipe while posting, I realize I didn’t put in the hot sauce. That definitely could have made it better. Maybe I’ll have to try this sauce again on one of our favorite meatball recipes.

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