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For one of my brother Chris' birthday's, he got a Kyosho Raider Pro--in December of '91, I think. This was an "Ultimate Combo Deal" from Tower Hobbies--it included the car, radio, charger, batteries, paint... everything. I think this car was definitely the most technologically advanced car I'd ever used at this point. Granted, I had never seen/used much in the way of hi-tech stuff, but in particular, the suspension mechanics were lightyears ahead of my Grasshopper or even Jim's Cat. Both my Grasshopper and Jim's Cat employed a "floating rear axle" scheme, whereas Chris' Raider Pro used fully independent, double-wishbone rear suspension, for example.

After he had it about a year (I think), I convinced Chris to trade cars with me. I gave him the hybrid Subaru Brat for his Raider Pro. I played with this for a number of years, then it shifted hands amongst friends.

I think this car has required the most work and parts to stay running. Things broke and wore down. I admit, it's not given particularly good care, though. As far as quality, I think I'd give it an 8 out of 10, with Tamiya stuff getting a 10. I'm sure it'll be retired before long, though.

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Hi Dan,
Yes the Raider Pro was a great car, it was my first rc car. In fact I am trying to rebuild it back to original condition. Can any one out htere help me?


i just got a raider 2wd and i cant find a place to get parts? can anyone help?

i have a raider pro to and i can help you outi have alittle bite of spears what do you need? and if you can send me a picturs of yours over i will show you mine.

I have had my raider pro since 1991, and all the original parts still run(although the body cover survived through my dad's john deer *oops*). MAN i love that thing! i upgraded mine to an electric speed control and it works even better(also, i don't have that bulky resistor to replace all the time). If you think about it, it's a "Kyosho" car. so why wouldn't they have parts you can get? they actually do. paste this into your browser:


parts for the raider and rader pro are hard to come by. i purchesed the last 2 frames known to be fore sale, and was so glad to find them at the time. i still run both of mine even thought the cabs are missing (played with the dogs to much)but are still in working order.there were a blast to race back then and still are to this day. if u need help finding parts i can try and help

Hi IM looking for both body parts, if you can help let me know.

Hey Im trying to build my back up. But i can not find a new gear set can anyone help me with that?

I have a kyosho raider ARR for sale if anyone wants to buy. the unit is of course used but it is in MINT shape =)

also available airtronics XL 2P controller.. "AM 75mhz" digital proportional..


I'm always interested in Kyosho stuff, I have 4 Riaders myself. How much are you looking to get for it?

What I am really looking for is Kyosho Scorpion, Turbo Scorpion and Assault parts.


I have had a Cox Bandido since the late 80's. It has not been run since the very early 90's and I am looking for parts for it. It was manufactured by Kyosho and from what internet sources I have researched is the same or similar to the raider. It is 2wd and came with an aircraft style radio and a mechanical speed control. I have alot of planes and am familiar with electrics in general but am wondering where I could find parts at for this car. In particular I am missing a 4mm x 8mm ball bearing for the counter gear. They are plastic. If possible I would like to upgrade the speed control in the future as I remember it going out once before. I think the bearing is the only thing keeping the car from seeing use again. It was my dad's and has kind of a nostalgic value to it which is why I have kept it so long.

I have a Raider Pro ARR. I dont know how well it works as it has been sat under my desk gathering dust for years! Just having a clear out. Got all the original parts, although I dont know what state they are in. Any idea how much it is worth? And anyone interested in buying it? :)

If you have Kyosho Raider Pro parts and want to get rid of it, please mail me It's impossible to find any parts anymore... Thanks.

I recently sold a brand new in the box Raider on eBay last year, but I don't have anything more for them. I remember they came out around the time I got out of RC racing, early nineties like 1990 or 1991 I believe. Everything being raced in the US at that point had become an RC10 clone, and now 15 years later, all the off road buggies still look like RC10 clones.
The Raider was a nicely made car, though. I think the 4WD counterpart to it was the Rocky. I still collect the older Kyosho cars from the mid-eighties.
To the poster above with the Cox Bandido, those were actually Kyosho Pegasus cars from 1985. Kyosho used that same chassis for three cars: The Pegasus, the Cosmo and the Icarus. The Pegasus was the base, inexpensive version and was sold to Cox. They all had practically no front suspension movement thanks to the living-hinge design but they were neat cars. They also cost much less than the Ultima.

I have a kyosho raider pro I got for my birthday years ago. I broke part of it that i would call a driveshaft on the left rear and the pin that held the A frame on. It has been in its box along with the controller, charger, and 2 batteries. If anyone has any info where to get parts or may want to purchase the car from me please E-mail me at it's my friends address so subject it Kyosho raider pro so they now to tell me. Thank you

hey, how much is a Kyosho Raider ARR worth in good condition? mine has a few problems and i want to restore it but dont know if its worth it

2007/04/18 Update: the Kyosho Raider ARR has been sold!


I am writing to anyone interested. I have a Kyosho Raider ARR in near perfect condition FOR SALE. If anyone is interested, feel free to check out the pictures I have posted on my MySpace page

Here's some info:

Original Kyosho raider ARR 1/10 scale off road buggy circa 1990/91

Bodywork is still in remarkably good condition with the original graphics.

The chassis is in very good condition, as is the motor. May need some TLC, as it hasn't been driven in approx. 15 years.

The car was never used in wet conditions. In fact, it was only driven in my parent's driveway about three times.

I stopped driving it because at the time I did not know how to adjust the servo on the steering and got tired of trying to adjust it. So, it was a great gift that was basically never used.

Car comes with early 90's pistol grip controller. Not sure how well the remote works anymore, but the car is in great condition.

I still have the original box, as you can see on the URL page. The box shows some signs of wear.

You will need a 7.2v battery pack and some rechargeable aa size batteries to complete the package.

Would make a great gift for anyone who collects old Kyosho cars.

Feel free to email me if you're interested or have any questions.

Thanks for allowing me to post here.

Any one looking for a Kyosho Scorpion?

Just bought one for 60 australian dollars including postage off ebay
Appears a shame just to let my 12 year old have as a toy as intended
Any offers as it appears to be practically new with no tire wear

-=Kyosho Stadium Pro=-

This is a Kyosho 2WD Electric Stadium Pro Buggy, ex shop demo model so only used a few times. It is in very good condition and is a fast buggy even with the standard motor in it. Buggy includes a HiTec steering servo and a 540 size motor ( no other radio gear.)

I have a RD-1 Raider Chasis and 3 - RD-6 Shaft Set New in Packages I no longer need. I would be able to take $30 for them plus actual shipping if anyone can use them. I have pictures of the RD-1 @ RD-6's at

I have a Kyosho RD-32 pro raider arr that has never been used. it is in mint condition and i still have it in the box. plastics, decals, electronics, its all there. Im wanting to sell it and wondering if anyone wants to buy it. The decals are not even on this thing yet. mint mint mint!

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