Why am I Writing this on a Friday Night?

Why am I writing this on a Friday night? Isn't Friday night the night that everybody goes out and stuff? Yeah, it is, but see, I have no life. Atleast, I don't think I do. I've talked with a lot of people about this, and I've come to an interesting conclusion: nobody has a life--or atleast, not what I consider a life.

I think all the media sensationalism has gotten to me--all those made-for-TV movies and stuff. There was a movie about some thieves who's heist went wrong, and they ended up taking a houseful of teenage girls hostage. Or how about any of the 10 million natural disaster movies? You don't even need to look to movies for excitement: Sienfeld, the show about nothing, always has something terribly interesting going on: remember the episode about the "astronaut pen," the one that could write upside-down?

None of this stuff has ever happened to me. Therefore I have no life. Warped thinking, eh?

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