On Friday Night I saw Bush and Veruca Salt in Concert

On Friday night I saw Bush and Veruca Salt in concert. I went with my friends Laura, Alicia and Matt. It was at the New Haven Coliseum (in Connecticut) and our seats were pretty good--section 17 and close to the floor.

Veruca Salt was the opening act. They were very good, I was impressed. It really surprised me that they didn't get the crowd moving more, though. Most people just sat through their set like they were at the movies or something. Louise and Nina were wearing these rather tight one piece gold outfits--they looked very good.

This was my fourth time seeing Bush, but the first time on the Razorblade Suitcase tour. They were also very good, but I didn't enjoy their performance as much as the other times I've seen them. I think I wasn't as impressed with them because of the crowd. Everybody was yelling so loud that I couldn't hear the band as well as I would have liked. And whenever the band would quiet down for whatever reason--the end of the song, a bridge, or just screw-around time--the crowd would get louder. There was this one chick right behind us who kept yelling "I want to fuck you, Gavin!" Laura wanted to beat her sensless, and I can't blame her. I think a concert is much more enjoyable when you hear the band, not the crowd. Besides that, does this chick really think Gavin can hear her or cares about her? Please...

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