I Bought a Camera

On Friday night I bought a camera. It's a Nikon N70 (a 35mm SLR) with a Nikkor 35-80mm zoom lens. I also got a camera strap and small bag for it. I like it a lot, it's a very nice camera. And Nikon's got a rebate going on, so I get $100 back.

On Sunday I took a roll of pictures with it and tried a bunch of different settings and all. Some of the stuff worked very well. Other stuff... well, it wasn't quite as successful. I hope to scan some of the photos I take and add them to Art by Me [a section that doesn't exist anymore].

One last thing: I'm a "beginning photographer" interested in "photography." I do not "have a camera" or "take pictures." The difference? People who "have cameras" and "take pictures" are always saying "Oh, just let me grab my camera!" Then they make you stand in some uncomfortable position again to take this snapshot. Then when you see the photo it's really bad, totally uninteresting, and makes you look like a fool.

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