On Saturday Night I Saw Spacehog in Concert

I went with my friends Laura and Alicia. It was at the Met, a small club in Providence (Rhode Island). Somehow, Laura and Alicia convinced me to go "glam" for this show--I wore vinyl pants and this happenin' blue and silver shirt.

It was a great show.The sound system was pretty good, something I'm a little picky about. (I really don't enjoy going to the El 'n Gee because they have a terrible sound system.) Something else nice was the crowd--there were no jerks or moshers, everybody was just there groovin' to the music! I'd have to say this is probably the best concert I've been to.

Bigmouth opened for Spacehog. Bigmouth played with Spacehog the last time I saw them, too. They're a really good band and are supposed to have their CD out soon, so keep an eye out. They can get the crowd moving pretty well, in part due to the lead vocalist dancing all over the stage.

Then Spacehog came on! Wow! This band doesn't get anywhere near as much publicity and recognition as they deserve. Royston has an unbelievable voice that just isn't done justice on the CD. The only thing that kind of bothered me is that the lead guitar wasn't quite as loud as it could have been. They didn't play much off of their CD, most of what they played was new. (They said a new CD was due sometime in August!) This new Spacehog is really good. They introduced some keyboards into the new stuff and Ant played bass for two songs. They ended the night by banging on a flaming gong! (They used lighter fluid to make the flame.) We got to meet and talk to them after the show. I wanted to bring the insert from my CD to get signed, but I forgot it. Argh! I was so mad at myself for that. They're going to be at the Strand on July 19--I can pretty much guarantee you where I'll be...

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