No MythTV for Us

Last weekend I wrote that I brought our MythTV computer into the living room to use. I found a few things that I wanted to change--remote control setup, for example--and I knew that I had to get the TV-out connection working.

I've spent all week screwing with the TV-out, using both the S-video connection and the VGA connection. I haven't been having much luck. Once I got it working (which was itself a challenge!), the picture was bleeding so badly that it was nearly unintelligible. At best, it was still quite a bit less sharp than normal TV.

And for us, "normal TV" isn't too sharp in the first place. We have a cheap Sanyo TV with only a low-quality coax connection, so an RF modulator is required to connect it to our receiver and DVD player. That also means that the signal from the MythTV system is running through the RF modulator.

A quick test with the TV at work easily verified that the reason for the MythTV low-quality TV-out was the RF modulator and/or our TV.

So, no MythTV for us.

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