The Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin Is Still In Production


My mind has been put at ease. I don't need to rush to buy a Midnight Pumpkin. I received an e-mail from Tamiya America's customer service:


According to our computer, the [Midnight Pumpkin] kit is still in production.

Customer Service Department
Tamiya America, Inc.

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i've lost my remote control. i've just been give the kit and put it together. the kit is from a 26 year old who got it when they were 15/16. so it's about 10 years old. can i get a new one? if yes where from? and how much will it cost?

email me back as soon as possible please. from damien.

hey, i just bought a midnight pumpkin about 2 weeks ago off ebay there was many for sale for $85 american plus shipping i live in canada the total came to $152 can. but like with all kits you gotta buy a remote and servose thats another $100 for good one s so there about $250 can. so there not that expencive

its so bizarre seeing parts of my childhood come back to life like it is now w/ these RC re-issues!

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