Monkeys at Typewriters


For quite a few years a photo of a monkey sitting in front of a typewriter has been hanging in the production department at work. I see it every day walking back to my office, and it often makes me crack a smile.

One day last week when I walked in I saw the photo and it made me think, "I wonder if anybody owns that domain?" I jumped on GoDaddy to find out and, much to my surprise, nobody had taken! So, I registered it. It seems like a real challenge to find a good domain name (and I think this is one) so I figured I should nab it quick before another co-worker saw the photo for the millionth time and got the same idea as me.

"Monkeys at typewriters" is often an expression used to depict the quality of writing from a magazine, book or other written language, so I thought it only made sense that Monkeys at Typewriters should be an aggregate news source (and in this case, personalized for me).

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